Top-Quality Wire EDM and Waterjet Services

Located in Spokane, Washington, Northwest Wire EDM offers top-quality wire EDM and waterjet cutting services. Using the latest machine cutting technology, our job shop can cut almost any type of material into almost any shape of any size. We specialize in producing very high tolerance, ultra high precision parts.

State-of-the-Art Cutting Technology

Our shop uses the latest high-precision cutting technology, including:

  • The OMAX 2652 JetMachining Waterjet Center with five-axis cutting capability.
  • RoboFil 510 and RoboFil 440 Wire EDM systems
  • Small-hole EDM for difficult hole-drilling requirements

Professional Experience

Our job shop is staffed by a small group of highly-experienced master machinists with over 50 years of collective experience.

All Sizes, Shapes, and Materials

We handle machine cuttings of all sizes, from large one-ton work pieces to the smallest delicate and intricate components. The precision of the waterjet ensures that we can cut almost any material into almost any shape you need, large or small.

All Customers, Big and Small

Our clients include companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100 corporations to small, independent businesses who only need cutting for a single part. We cut materials for a variety of industries, including aerospace companies, electronics manufacturers, tool and die makers, jewelers, OEMs, and specialty machine shops like ourselves.

Quick Turnaround Time

No matter where you are, we can typically get your part cut and shipped out to you within 48-72 hours.

Easy CAD Integration

Upload your .DXF, .IGS, .PDF, or .PAR files to our web site, or send them to us by email…and we're ready to go! We can transfer any of these files directly to our wire EDM or waterjet machine and cut your designs with just a few minutes of prep time.


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