Waterjet Cutting Service

Waterjet Cutting

Compute - Then Cut

A waterjet is an industrial machine that uses highly-pressurized water to cut a variety of hard and soft materials. In a waterjet machine, the material to be cut is mounted on a cutting bed directly beneath a tiny nozzle. Water is forced through a computer numerical control (CNC) nozzle at a pressure of 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi). At this pressure, the water can cut a variety of soft materials such as paper, wood, rubber, cloth or carpet, and foam.

When small garnet particles are added to the pressurized water stream, the machine becomes an "abrasive waterjet." It can then cut much harder industrial materials such as metals, stone, composites, and glass. The nozzle is CNC-controlled, which gives the waterjet an extremely-high degree of cutting accuracy.

It is a cost-effective process that offers maximum material yield with no heat affected zone. Our OMAX 5 axis Tilt-A-Jet provides accuracy to plus or minus .001" and allows us to minimize taper. Quick turnaround with almost no setup time offers the flexibility you need for prototyping, limited runs or production parts. Our customers find that quality cut waterjet parts reduce or eliminate time in their CNC milling operations.