Wire EDM Advantages


Cuts Metals and Alloys Like Butter!

Our CUT 300 and Robofil 440cc Wire EDM cutting machines provide you with numerous benefits for cutting metal and alloys.

Wire EDM cuts more effectively -- and more accurately.

  • Wire EDM has more accurate metal-cutting capabilities than laser, plasma, or water jet.
  • Our CUT 300 and Robofil 440cc machines can cut exotic metals such as hastelloy, kovar, inconel, ferro-tic, stellite, and even titanium.
  • We can cut the most intricate parts and delicate shapes, including small or odd angles, sharp corners, contours, cavities, and external or internal tapers.
  • Our wire EDM machines have the ability to cut very tight tolerances up to  +/- .0001" (.0025mm).
  • Our machines can handle cutting of pieces up to 15.75" thick.
  • Because the entire process is computer controlled, we can create duplicate parts that are virtually identical.
  • Taper angles of 30 degrees are standard. Higher taper angles in certain conditions are possible.

A cost-effective cutting solution for metals and alloys.

  • The Wire EDM process eliminates burrs and metal distortions that you find with other types of cutting processes.
  • Wire EDM can cut hardened materials with ease. 
  • With minimal setup required for cutting jobs, our wire EDM machines produce a quick turnaround on most cutting orders.