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Small Hole EDM

We offer special capabilities in small-hole wire EDM (Micro EDM). Our Current CT300 small-hole wire EDM machine contains a special electrode that spins around a spindle like a drill bit on a drill. The special electrode enables the machine's electric cutting spark to drill deep, angled holes in metal plates, hardened alloys, and other electrically-conductive materials. We can achieve holes of .004" to .256" in diameter, at a depth of up to 300 times the electrode diameter.

Advantages of Small-Hole Wire EDM

When your job requires very small holes, small-hole EDM is the solution. Conventional drilling techniques simply can't match the accuracy and tolerances required for these types of jobs, especially for harder surface materials.

Small hole EDM is particularly good for:

  • Removing broken drill bits
  • Adding wire EDM start holes after heat treating
  • Close proximity placement of small holes too small or difficult for conventional drilling
  • Placing coolant holes in hardened machine tool bits
  • Taps
  • End Mills
  • Drill

Small-Hole Wire EDM Equipment

Current CT300 Machine Specifications:

X Axis Travel: 12in. (300mm)
Y Axis Travel: 8in. (200mm)
Z Axis Travel: 16in. (400mm)
Maximum Part Height: 11.3 in. (287mm)
Workpiece Weight (max): 682lbs. (310kg)
Electrode Drill Diameters (Standard): 0.004-0.256in. (0.1-6.5mm)


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