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Wire EDM - Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can the wire EDM process cut?

Any material that will conduct electricity can be cut with wire EDM. Check the material with an Olm meter, if it will pass an electrical current it can be cut.

What is the largest part you can cut?

Our largest machine travel is 27.5" by 15.75". The largest actual part size we can put in our machine is about 48" by 31" and up to 2200lbs

How tall of a part can you cut?

We can cut up to 15.75" tall part

How large of taper can you cut?

Standard taper capability is up to 30 degrees. With special guides and correct moon phase we can go up to around 50 degrees.

What is the normal inside corner radius from wire EDM?

Our normal inside corner radius would be .006 to .0065 cutting with a .010 wire. We can go down to a .0025 radius cutting with a .004 wire if required.

What kind of accuracy can you hold?

Tolerances of ±.0002 are common. In extreme cases we can hold tolerance's of up to ± .00005, with multiple finish passes. On a 1 cut ruff pass you could expect around ± .002 or less depending on height of the material.

What kind of surface finish can wire EDM produce?

Wire EDM can produce a finish that is similar to a surface ground finish with a fine wheel. A multi pass finish can get very close to a "mirror finish". A ruff cut finish will be better than most mill cut finishes. In general a wire EDM finish has a "matte" look to it.

What is the "kerf" width of the wire you run?

We normally run a .010 wire which produces a .012 to .013 "kerf" depending on the height of part.

Is there a certain rate per "square inch" of cut?

With all the material, height, tolerance, number of cuts, and flushing condition variations that arise, it is just about impossible to have a "standard" price per square inch of cut. It is best just to send a file or print for us to have a look at to get an accurate cost for cutting the part. We will also tell you if the part is good candidate for wire EDM, water jet or if it would be more efficient with a different machining process.

What is your normal lead time?

Usually we can get work out within a few days (depending on prior commitments). With proper planning we can turn work around the same day in certain cases. It helps greatly for us to have a "heads up" the work is coming prior to us receiving it.


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