Top Quality Wire EDM & Waterjet Cutting

Wire EDM Services

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a non-contact, force-free industrial cutting process. In wire EDM, an electrical spark is used to cut different types of electrically-conductive materials, such as metals and more.

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Waterjet Cutting Services

A waterjet is an industrial machine that uses highly-pressurized water to cut a variety of hard and soft materials. In a waterjet machine, the material to be cut is mounted on a cutting bed directly beneath a tiny nozzle.

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Small Hole EDM Services

When your job requires very small holes, small-hole EDM is the solution. Conventional drilling techniques simply can't match the accuracy and tolerances required for these types of jobs, especially for hardened materials.

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About Us

We understand the trust and responsibility that clients place on us, especially when they ask us to cut high-value parts from expensive materials. Our staff takes a personal hand in making sure that all projects are done right.

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